Services we provide


In-Home Care for seniors

Our in-home care services for seniors depending on the client’s need includes monitoring heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar (Glucose) level; caring for wounds from injury or surgery; managing IVs and catheters; providing physical and cognitive therapies; educating patients and family caregivers; preparing proper meals and cleaning the home; etc.

Medication Administration, Management and Monitoring

Our qualified staff understands that the administration of medications is a very important task and requires a great deal of attention while being performed, in order to be done safely and to benefit our client’s health. Our medication management consists of procedures and policies to facilitate proper medication administration, monitoring and adherence by qualified staff, and in some cases through assisting and training patients and family care givers.

Companion and Homemaker assistance to patients in their home

Our companionship and homemaking service is designed to take away loneliness and to ensure patients and clients have that extra hand, ears, and eyes to live a healthy and enjoyable life. It promotes mental and cognitive simulations, increased mobility, positive socialization, overall health improvement, and safety supervision.

Fall Prevention and Safety Assessment

Everyday accidental falls put patients and the elderly at risk. Our service will help assess and provide measures to avoid fall and related safety concerns. Our services include fall-prevention planning, foster healthy physical activities geared to reinforce the body, evaluate clothing and shoes from safety and comfort perspective, remove home hazards, proper home lightings, use of assistive devices, ongoing evaluations, etc.

Personal Care

Personal Care is one of the main services in Home Health Care industry. It includes assistance with everyday activities to help the ones in need and make the elderly life peaceful. Personal care services are related to hands-on care assistance with dressing, hygiene and incontinence services.

Home Health Aid

Home Health Care Aid service positively impacts the lives of the sick, disabled, and elderly. The service assists patients with completing everyday personal tasks such as dressing, bathing and a variety of hygiene needs. It includes assistance in everyday duties such as shopping, transportation and medical appointments for Home Health Aid. It also augments in-home recovery, rehabilitation, hospices, and palliative care.