About us

At Millennium Home Visiting Nurse (MHVN), we ensure all our care givers are compassionate, skilled and provide the utmost attention to our clients when giving care. With our care providers, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive the highest level of care. We are committed in delivering and maintaining top-notch comprehensive care throughout all of our services and as part of this effort, we offer ongoing regular training and set short-term and long-term performance goals for our employees.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to earnestly earn you trust and business from dedicatedly helping to improve our clients’ lives and health by providing quality professional services and thereby enabling them to achieve the full potential of their lives every day.

Our Caregivers

Through a rigorous selection process and continual training, we ensure that our caregivers are highly skilled and compassionate when providing care to our clients. With such dedicated and trained staff, you can be sure your loved ones are always safe and have the highest level of care. As part of our effort in providing the highest level of care, we offer regular ongoing training and set performance goals for our employees so they can continually improve their service giving, professionalism and stay in touch with the latest trends in this field of work.

Our Goal

The main goal of Millennium Home Visiting Nurse is to create a trust-worthy and cherished business that helps bring smiles to the faces of our clients and their families. Our home health care services are designed to service a wide range of people – from children, to young adults, and to the elderly. We are committed to make a significant positive difference in your life by being there for your family during the times of your need.

Yodit Haileab RN, director of Nursing.

Millennium Home visiting Nurses L.L.C was founded by Ms. Yodit Haileab. Ms. Haileab has worked in the healthcare field for many years as a Nurse in vast arrays of nursing specialties including in ICU, ER, MICU, CCU & PACU units. (most nursing may sound confusing since you are referencing units and specialties some times are categorized by types, and there are about 100 nursing types/specialties…this based on my limited knowledge so the statement may be correct, I just wanted to point out my take to you, also you can use Mrs but for this type of business introduction purpose most executives use Ms. Instead.)

Ms. Haileab has also managed an ambulatory surgery center overseeing all aspects of the service, with special focus in the quality of patient care. One of the unfortunate inadequacies she came across while working in the ambulatory surgery center was that many patients lack much needed social support. Often they did not have a ride to and from the center, or someone to accompany them during procedures and be by their side as they gain consciousness and while they are making a complete recovery from the anesthetic administered.

Also, once these patients got home, they had no one at home to assist them with simple daily chores. Many of them are infirm or elderly and did not have anyone to put them to bed, give them their meals or help them take their medication on time. Such social isolation seemed frightening and frustrating for anyone who witnesses these unfortunate ordeals. And it became clear to Yodit that there was an urgent need for a devoted home health care service that can fill the gap in aiding such patients who are unable to care for themselves for one reason or another. In fact, by addressing these very shortfalls, particularly in terms of home healthcare and personal assistance, complication risks from injuries or readmission to hospitals may be avoided.

Ms. Haileab then set her heart to investigate and find out how she could help reduce or eliminate these disparities. She started attending applicable healthcare seminars and doing various researches about the availability and effectiveness of quality home health care and personal care in Maryland and other similar regions. She learned that there was a need for better and viable options to resolve these issues and started to layout effective strategy to bring forth such a service to her community.

As a result, Millennium Home visiting Nurses (MHVN) were established to fill the void in this regard. The company has a professional staff of qualified nurses and compassionate home health aides who are eager and willing to go the extra mile to assist patients and clients. The company provides quality and comprehensive care to its clients including assistance with clients’ personal care needs, pharmacy consultation, and accidental fall prevention assessment. The staff also facilitate medication adherence with effective reminders, medication administration including recording confirmation when required. These types of value-added services are not usually provided by other similar agencies.

MHVN’s service staff is composed of experienced registered nurses and certified Medication Technicians, CNA’s, GNA’S and other medical professionals.